Last Mile (Local Loop)

DSL Modems

RAD offers a full range of DSL modems to provide voice and data transmission solutions over existing copper pairs for customers with DSL connections.

Supporting the variety of DSL technologies, including G.SHDSL, SHDSL, and VDSL, for short-range to long-range applications over copper lines, RAD’s DSL modems provide connectivity solutions for enterprises, including corporations, utilities, railways, roadways, campuses, banks and hospitals.

Operating over 2-wire, 4-wire and 8-wire, the DSL modems provide voice and data transmission at variable data rates, from 64 kbps to 22.2 Mbps, over distances up to 10 km. RAD’s DSL modems support both single and multiple services, including built-in four-port Ethernet switches with VLAN support, saving on capital expenditures.

Article Preview Description
ASM-61 ASM-61

2-Wire Symmetrical VDSL Modem

ASMi-31 ASMi-31 Sync/Async IDSL Modem
ASMi-52, ASMi-52L ASMi-52, ASMi-52L SHDSL Ethernet Modem and Mux
ASMi-54, ASMi-54L ASMi-54, ASMi-54C, ASMi-54L, ASMi-54L/RT SHDSL.bis Modem
S-RPT, S-RPT/4W S-RPT, S-RPT/4W SHDSL or SHDSL.bis Repeater

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